Casamance Peace Pavilion

  • firm:

    Antu Design Group (Design Competition)

  • location:

    Casamance, Senegal

  • Budget:


  • Size:


  • phases:

    Concept | SD

  • program:

    Primary areas dedicated to exhibition | Contemplation | Spreading awareness regarding peace and reconciliation.

  • Concept:

    The Casamance Peace Pavilion is inspired by birds locally known as ‘Pithis’. Setting one free is said to bring forgiveness and emancipation from past transgressions. What better way to embody the true meaning of reconciliation and peace than with forgiveness? The design strives to commemorate the lives lost in Africa’s conflicts and create an experience that promotes a culture of peace in the way the community moves through and uses the pavilion. The elements of peace – forgiveness, awareness, contemplation and hope – helped mold the pavilion’s design. This was done by engaging the human senses using light, shadow, sound, texture and color. One’s experience is intended to be processional and meditative. The canopy is a slightly ‘torqued’ square in plan and lifts up on opposing ends. It ‘bows down’ and acts as a barrier to the northeast harmattan dry trade-winds and lifts up to collect water from the northwest rain-bearing marine winds. Its expressive form is also intended to encourage curiosity and invite passers-by from all directions.